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Before I start I want to clarify that all of this is just my interpretation of the things and ideas. None of the design is official or real copyrighted LinkedIn material. I really want to show on how this social network can be improved and help engaging talented people better.

Almost every company or specially startups who are working on their own apps are having internal video conferences, creative workshops or a product showcases. They all brainstorm with tons of ideas, monitor their progress and from time to time are looking for various feedbacks from another people. The whole app building is really a progress involving a lot of feedbacks, metrics and management. In a such of environment talented people who are part of LinkedIn never have a clear view on what exactly that particular startup is doing, unless they go visit their website and try to find any videos (if they really exist), or apply for a job and they go visit the company there.

But what if we can extend this. What if these startups can create a rich content and share with wide audience and offer them a real and quick engagement. How?

By posting a videos from their workshops or a company trailers and adding them as a stories or live stories on LinkedIn. While almost every social app has introduced stories or an alternative video sharing feature, LinkedIn ones should be a little different. It’s all about help engage people directly, creative and easy.


These stories should be located in the top right of the home page so every user can see them easily and straight away. You can see stories relevant for you and swipe to see more. In here you see where is the company located, how many employees and how many of your LinkedIn connections are working here. It’s all an extra info which can be adapted or changed, this is just a first brainstorming.


Some stories can be hosted live so you can get notified each time you visit LinkedIn or by your email address.

By clicking Watch now you got the main story preview.



Here you can watch the full story and the product presentation. You can see how many of your connections are watching it, and the main feature Engage.

Engage is the key one and should be the feature that differentiate LinkedIn from others as a business and employment-oriented service. By clicking Engage you are basically sending your thoughts, ideas or eventually applying on this company or product based on the story or the live event that you have just watched.



You can sending a quick engaging cover letter you are showing your real interests in this company and you express your thoughts instantly.

This not only can help and improve engagement between people who are looking for their next big job and role, but also for the investors who want to see the whole progress and energy inside young startups and creative teams.


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