I have started this journey alone long time ago. Always attracted to technology and computers, they were my biggest joy. I remember my first pc, my first played games and first software used. They were the factor that made me wanna be productive, to have my own game or software built. Started using alot of software for coding or for graphic design, and making some ideas and labels. They were funny, but they really helped me out waking up my imagination and creativity.

As the internet was growing and web began to be a part of our living days, I have decided to take a deep dive into it. I knew that it will be the thing that I will work very very long, from the first time of my very simple web page made. And I was not wrong. As the technology was rising, web design was a branch were all IT kids were fanced of. I was too, I took some lessons but I have also stucked late in the night, learning the very basic of css and javascript.

Later I was evolving more and more, but in the same time i used my free time to do my own branding somewhere. My eyes just wanted nice looking tables and background in those sites. So while i was in HighScholl and college, I spent a lot of my spare time creating something. Here were my first recommendations and first success in the competitions that i have participated in. And there were more and more coming.

I was finishing my faculty studies and outsourcing a lot. I was really dedicated. I just can’t forget my first big clients and people that trusted my work and my experience. It just made me more motivated. I wasn’t perfect, no one is, but I was really focused and interested, and I have followed all recommendations from people. It made me really professional in the skills that I have gained such as design, ui, ux, html, css, js.

Now I know that success is not random thing, but it’s something that you built through the years. And I know that no one can survive alone. In a fact human evolution is based on a organization and team, to help achiving your idea and dream.

My dream is this.

  • My new website is finally done. After long time i have decided to spent some time on me, and pack my brand new showcase and website.
  • New UI projects are posted in my portfolio.
  • I have registered my company.


Design and Development

Hristijan Karpos 114

2000 Stip, Macedonia


+389 70 639 636